Welcome to the home of Ziptrak in the Northern Rivers District.

We at Undercover Canvas have a full range of all your Ziptrak parts and accessories as well as being able to supply and install if needed all your ziptrak requirements.

Ziptrak track guided blind system has specially designed slotted tracks in which the blind glides smoothly and easily, stopping at any position. The blind can be secured and locked in the down position to guard against high winds and UV – no zippers or buckles required, it’s that simple.

Ziptrak® stops weather entering around the sides of the blinds due to its unique 30mm side track combined with the fabric being welded onto a “side tape” with a bead which slips inside the grooved channel, The result is a complete seal to keep out the unwanted elements.

Features & Benefits:

  • Available in a wide range of durable fabrics and colours.

  • Made from technically superior components that have been engineered to last in Australia’s harsh conditions.

  • Ideal For: Larger expanses up to 6m in width with an optional removable post kit available to enclose even wider spans.

  • Now available with the easy to use center lock release handle.


Spring operated as standard, Can also be motorised with optional Sun & Wind Sensor.

Measuring Guide:

Measuring for your Outdoor Blinds & Awnings couldn’t be easier. It won’t take long, just follow these simple instructions: If your still not sure on how to measure you can email us a picture of the opening you want to cover and we can illustrate where to measure to for you.

We work with your overall opening sizes and work it all out to fit within this.

What you will need:

1. Tape Measure (metal ones are best)

2. Paper & Pen ( to write down your measurements)

Face Fit, Reveal Fit or Ceiling Mount?

Outdoor Blinds & Awnings can be either fitted onto the face (Face Fit) of your wall or post, On to the of the inside of a recess or between posts (Reveal Fit) or On the underside of a Ceiling or Beam (Ceiling Mount).

 Face Fit (On Face):

This is when you want your outdoor blind to hang outside the window recess covering the total window area including the frame from top to bottom and side to side 

Step 1: Measure from outside edge of post to outside edge of post (see above image). If 2 blinds required to be side by side measure from the centre of one post to centre of the other post or if being mounted on wall measure your opening size and add 150 mm either side. This is your width. Note This Measurement.

Step 2: Measure from the highest possible point on your face (where brackets will be) to the floor or handrail. This is your Drop. Note this Measurement.

Remember we require a width of outside to outside of brackets. Please provide measurements to nearest 1 mm to ensure a perfect fit.

Reveal Fit (In Reveal):

This is when you want your outdoor blind to fit inside the opening.

Step 1: If measuring between posts take measurement from the inside of one post to the inside of the other, If measuring inside a window recess measure the opening from one side to another (see above image). This is your width. Note this measurement.

Step: 2: Measure from the top of your opening to either the floor or handrail (depending on where you want your blind to drop to). This is your drop. Note this measurement.

Remember we require a width of outside to outside brackets. Please provide inside measurement to the nearest 1 mm to ensure a perfect fit.

Ceiling Mount:

This is when you want to mount your outdoor blind to the underside of a top beam or from the ceiling, this is ideal when there are no side posts or walls.

Step 1: With a pencil make a couple of small marks on your beam or ceiling to the width that you want your blind, Measure in between these 2 marks. This is your width. Note this measurement.

Step 2: Measure from your ceiling or top beam to the hand rail or floor (depending on where you want your blind to drop to), this is your drop. Note this measurement.

Some Handy Hints:

  • Take your measurements in millimetres (mm) to the nearest 1 mm to ensure a perfect fit.
  • When measuring always look for objects like air conditioners or down pipes, and take their position into account if necessary, ensure you have a clear span.
  • If your not still not sure how to measure, you can send us a photo of your openings and we can illustrate where to measure to.

Important Note: All our outdoor blinds and awnings are made to your individual measurements, so please take extra care when measuring. We will not be held responsible for incorrect measurements, supplied by the customer.